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Lifetime Hosting : Facts By NxgtHosting

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Hey Guys, I am back with another post on ” Lifetime Hosting : Facts By NxgtHosting“. A info on Lifetime Master Reseller Hosting, Alpha Reseller Hosting & Reseller Hosting is also there.

Most of you have been asking me that how it is possible to provide lifetime hosting while the servers can be bought monthly only. Lifetime Hosting in other words some people were selling lifetime Alpha Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller Hosting & Reseller Hosting. None other than the VapeHost i.e. now gone due to there server got hacked.

Lifetime Hosting

So to clear these facts & to provide such services, We bought there Hosting & tried for almost 4-5 months.

What is Lifetime Reseller Hosting :

Lifetime Reseller Hosting is where you can create Allowed number of cPanel for the Lifetime & can sell those cPanel accounts & earn money.

What is Lifetime Master Reseller Hosting :

Master Reseller Hosting is the hosting where you can sell allowed number of Reseller Hosting & cPanel both. In this kind of hosting you can even start selling reseller hosting as a business.

What is Alpha Reseller Hosting :

Alpha Reseller hosting is the hosting where you can sell allowed number of Master Reseller, Reseller & cPanel. In this kind of hosting you can Master Reseller & Reseller as an primary business.

What Can Be Allowed Number of Resources :

It can be unlimited from the hosting provider end, But this is not possible as only few people can fully load the server with alpha reseller hosting. So the actual hosting provider may not be able to sell alot of apha or master reseller.

Some One Point Facts :

  • Lifetime Hostings Are Possible.
  • Yes, Server Costs Are Monthly
  • Reseller, Master Reseller With Unlimited Usage is Definitely Not Possible
  • Servers Need Regular Lookups & Management.
  • Low Quality Servers Will Give Alot of Downtime
  • cPanel With Lifetime Hostings is now not possible

Lifetime Hosting is Possible :

So, Why i said Lifetime Hosting is possible in the first Point & how we are going to provide it with guarantee.

For Example : Our Server Cost is 100$ Per Month, that can store more than 1000 clients. Let’s assume we will charge 35$ for lifetime normal hosting per user. Than 3 customers per month can cover the server cost & the rest will be used for next month payment or profit.

Likely The circle goes on till 1000 customer. Now we will setup another server or upgrade the server with the capacity of almost double or triple. Now new clients will cover upgrade costs. So this is never ending process like all other businesses.

Lifetime Reseller, Master Reseller, Aplha Reseller Hosting With Unlimited Usage is Definitely Not Possible :

So, Let’s Assume with same example. If my server cost is 100$ that can host only 1000 clients. If i make resellers with unlimited accounts. They will completely use the server in no time. So it’s not possible if someone want to give really forever. Taking money & giving service for few months & than run away. That is the only possible fact.

Server Management in Lifetime Hosting :

As of hosting, there will be unlimited usage of resources that will need much more management. So a dedicated team for server management is also needed.

cPanel for Lifetime is Not Possible :

Many people already know that the cPanel pricing is changed. Now it costs per account. So its impossible to give lifetime hosting with cPanel.

Note : Only possible way is using cracked cPanel or its alternative.

Cracked cPanels are risky. Never put your sites on Risk.

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How NXGT Hosting is Giving Lifetime Hosting :

So, Like we explained in the above example & points. We will be giving only Lifetime normal hosting.

No cPanel : Yes, cPanel is not possible. But our Portal interface is much better & mostly the same look as cPanel. Its totally custom no other person is giving the same panel.

Unlimited Websites : Yes, We have a package with unlimited sites, Storage & bandwidth.

Lifetime Guarantee : Yes, We provide guarantee of our lifetime hosting.

Free SSL (https) : Yes, We provide Free SSL with all our packages. Even with unlimited domain package you will get unlimited SSLs.

Uptime Assurance : Yes, We Provide Assurance of 100% Uptime. Else We Will add some credits to you NXGT Wallet for that downtime.

WordPress & Other Installers : Yes, Our Portal consists of One Click installations of several scripts including WordPress.

Technical Support : Yes, We provide lifetime support with our hosting.

Daily & Weekly Backups : Yes, We Offer Daily & Weekly Backups For lifetime At very Low cost.

Selling of Hosting : Yes, its possible to sell our lifetime hosting accounts. As we offer completely white label services i.e. Our brand will not be mentioned anywhere.

Live Chat Support : Yes, We offer free live chat support for basic queries related to hosting.

Free Website Builder : Yes, We offer free Website Builder on all our Plans.

Note : Terms & Conditions Applies.

How To Buy Lifetime Hosting From Nxgt Hosting :

  1. First of All, Go To NxgtHosting Lifetime Hosting Website : From Here
  2. Now Choose your Package
  3. Click on Order Now
  4. Enter Your Domain Name
  5. Click Continue
  6. Register or Login into your Account
  7. Proceed to Payment
  8. You will instantly get the Hosting within portal & via email too.

How to Get Support Related to Hosting :

  1. Go To Our Website
  2. Login into your Account
  3. Click On Support
  4. Click on Open ticket
  5. Enter Your query & Submit Your Ticket.
  6. NXGT support team will solve the problem & revert back.

Live Chat Support Also Available For Basic Queries.

How To Get 100% Assurance Credits :

  1. Login to NxgtHosting Portal
  2. Submit a ticket with Site down notice & Timing of DownTime.
  3. Share DownTime proof as attachments.
  4. Submit your ticket.
  5. You will get credits within 24-72 Hours.

How To Sell Lifetime Hosting From NxgtHosting :

  • Process the order as usual
  • Share the login details with your clients.
  • No discount will be given even to resellers.

Still Any Query, Ping Nxgt On Live Chat.

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