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NxgtHosting Free Reseller vs Paid Reseller Hosting 2019-20

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Free vs Paid Reseller Hosting

Hey Guys, Many of You have been asking what’s the difference between your Free Reseller vs Paid Reseller Hosting. So to help you understand the difference i am writing an article on “NxgtHosting Free Reseller vs Paid Reseller Hosting“.

So, We usually get such questions like if you are giving what’s paid on others, what’s the actual benefit of Using Your Paid Hosting.

My Answer : If you are getting almost everything in Free Reseller Hosting, Just imagine what you will get in our paid. Our Paid Hosting have some unbelievable features, That almost none of big hosting companies are using.

Free vs Paid Reseller Hosting

Free Reseller vs Paid Reseller Hosting

What are the extra features of Paid Reseller Hosting By NxgtHosting :

First of the most prior feature is our support, No one can compete the support level of ours, Not only with response time but also with quality of support. We Usually solves all kind of queries. Imagine you can get help with AdSense Questions while you just bought the hosting. We will also support you with business strategy for hosting & any other kind of company, Being an successful entrepreneur i can guarantee some cool business strategy. With our Paid hosting you get support with livechat, wordpress & Priority Ticket Support.

Secondly, All Our Paid Servers are having LiteSpeed Tech The Actual License, While Others are using Openlitespeed we are actually paying for you. LiteSpeed Can Actually Boost the normal server to an high end server. Imagine what it will do to an already high boosted servers.

Third, 100% Uptime, Have you ever seen 100% Up time guarantee, So here we are with one of them, without any cloud server response, we guarantee 100% Uptime with refund all along with it.

Forth, Turbo Boosted, All the Hardware used in the server are totally new & high boosted, While other companies are using old models & old tech, we make something better & more reliable. Others are commonly using Intel Xeon Servers & DDR2 Ram or DDR3 Ram with simple HDD Hard Disk. We are using Intel Core i7 Latest Gen With DDR4 RAM & Fully SSD Servers.

Fifth, Have you ever got Data Backup feature as Reseller. No, i have tested almost all big companies in my past years. No one actually provides that, Even some of them proven to be faking with backup feature.

Sixth, Reasonable Price, You must be thinking that’s not a benefit, but imagine while you are paying to others the same amount, we are giving you much more at lower price.

Seventh, WHMCS License is Free With Our Paid Reseller Hosting, Not The Normal License, We are giving Professional license. We know that you are surely going to get so many customers with our services that you will need an WHMCS license with atleast 1000 Clients.

Eighth, Free Premium Themes, Plugins, WordPress themes, Templates, Videos & Much More. Can You Imagine Getting Whole Envato Elements Market with such little amount. While you are thinking of choosing the hosting provider, we were thinking of giving you the best service. We even Provide some GPL Licenses.

Ninth, Free Whois DataBase with Paid Hosting plans, So you got the Extreme Powerful Reseller hosting, Now you need Customers to sell it, we are giving away the daily customers list, Who just bought the domain all over the world & now need hosting to set them.

Tenth, Free Domains are included in our paid reseller Hosting plans. You don’t need to worry about paying for the domain in the future also. Renew your hosting & get domain for life.

How To Get The Best Paid Reseller Hosting :

  1. Firstly, Visit The Plans Page From Here
  2. Now Select The Plan You Want
  3. Choose The Plan & Click Order Now
  4. Enter The Domain Name & Click Use
  5. Use Promo Code : 1DOLLOR to Get Reseller Hosting @ 1$
  6. Click On Check Out
  7. Now Fill Your Details & Choose Your Payment Method
  8. Proceed to Pay
  9. Now You Will Get The Hosting instantly

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Free Reseller vs Paid Reseller Hosting Article Ends Here.

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